January 2015

All About That D.I.Y

ArtToFrames - January 29, 2015

So you’ve most probably heard the term “DIY” tossed around once or twice, but you’ve never actually embarked on your own Do It Yourself project before. You know… We’re talking about those artsy friends of yours who create mind-blowing masterpieces using like, paperclips. Well, I can relate. I’ve painted spaces before (very, very small spaces) , but never have I truly transformed an object into …

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Will You Be Our Valentine?

ArtToFrames - January 27, 2015

For all of you who haven’t yet heard about our V-Day promotion, we urge you to get on the bandwagon and get gifting NOW! Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite times of the year here at Art to Frames and to celebrate we are offering customers a grand-slam 25% off on all personalized framing on our site. We don’t mess around and we take our …

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Valentine On a Dime

ArtToFrames - January 20, 2015

Heart shaped boxes filled with dark chocolates. Oversized red teddy bears, fluffy arms open wide. Long stemmed roses pinned with heartfelt cards and well wishes… Romance is everywhere, brightening our wintery blues and reminding us to tell our loved ones just how much they mean to us.    We’re talking about Valentine’s Day, people!  It’s our favorite day in February and it’s right around the corner.  …

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PinPix Review : Evolutionary Parenting

ArtToFrames - January 15, 2015

Tracy from Evolutionary Parenting wrote an amazing review about our brand new line of self-healing canvas bulletin boards PinPix. She’s so in love with her PinPix board that shows her daughter playing happily in a very special place she was initially too afraid to stick any pins into the board! Luckily for Tracy she can place as many pins in the board as she wants and it’s …

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