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February 25, 2015

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February 25, 2015
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Do you have a space in your home that needs a splash of inspiration, something that’s really going to make guests say “WOW! Where did you get that?” ???

Luckily for you we have just what you’re looking for.

Too often we put off home decorations as they seem too time consuming or too costly. Granted, replacing old flooring, adding wallpaper or painting an entire room can be an arduous process. But not every ground-breaking living space breakthrough needs to come with a massive headache.

At ArtToFrames we are committed to providing quality frames and prints at an affordable price. All our products are hand-crafted in Brooklyn, New York, giving you the custom quality you would expect from a walk-in framing store at a fraction of the cost. And luckily for all the budding renovators out there, our bold photo gifts can really help tie a room together!

Here are five examples of beautiful custom prints and frames that can be created with just a few clicks at ArtToFrames.com:

5) Acrylic Split

An Acrylic Split is a fantastic way to creatively fill a large wall space in an interesting and eye-catching manner. Simply select a high resolution image that will look fantastic with your existing color palette. After uploading your image select the arrangement of your split and the size of each tile.

This process will take less than five minutes – a small time investment for a piece of art that will revolutionize any living space!

flower wall preview

4) Panoramic Frame

Ever find yourself in a situation where you wish you could capture absolutely everything surrounding you? The answer could be sitting in your back pocket.

Most smartphones are capable of taking high resolution panoramic images using the “Panorama” camera function. After you’ve successfully taken your snap upload your cherished image to our straightforward Panoramic Frame application, customize your frame & mat colors and we’ll do the rest.

For those looking for a cinematic slice of life to brighten up a living space look no further than a custom Panoramic Frame from ArtToFrames.com!

Panoramic Shot of the Salem Red Sox vs. the Lynchburg Hillcats

3) WindowPix

Sometimes the ambience of a room is ruined not by how the space is decorated but rather from an ungainly view. Do you have a window that looks out onto a brick wall or something equally uninspired?

This is where we come in with our revolutionary WindowPix product! WindowPix is a custom film product that is cut to exactly to shape and will allow you to banish ugly views forever. Best of all, due to the unique nano-ceramic qualities of WindowPix, natural sunlight will still filter through your home yet your furniture will be completely protected from harmful rays. What a deal!

Simply upload your own image or select one of our gorgeous templates. Your WindowPix piece will take only a couple minutes to apply – simply use some soapy water and the complimentary squeegee we’ll send to you with your order!

WindowPix – the easiest and most affordable way to get the views dreams are made of!


2) Word-Cutout Frame

What better way to set the tone right in a room lacking inspiration than with a cute message in the form an ArtToFrames Word-Cutout Frame?

Type your message, drag and drop your images into each letter, and put the finishing touches on your frame. A great, simple way to remember the most important things in life.

I am excited to use my personalized Letter Art as my guest book for my wedding

1) Acrylic Shape

Think outside the box and get shapely with an ArtToFrames Acrylic Shape Print! Our high quality acrylic looks impressive no matter what design you choose.

Perhaps you could honor your favorite furry friend with a love heart design? It’ll be quick and easy to create, we will refund your money completely if you’re not happy with your order and you’ll be the envy of all your friends. What’s there to lose?

glasses girl with dog


Be sure to know these suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of quality ArtToFrames photo gifts that will bring some sparkle to any staid environments around the home. The whole process starts with a simple click.

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