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June 9, 2015

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June 9, 2015

5 DIY Frame Projects

June 9, 2015
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Picture frames aren’t just used for showcasing images. In fact, they can be used in more ways than you might think.
That’s where ArtToFrames comes in. We’re pretty creative (if we do say so ourselves) and we’ve got some fun ideas for you to try out on your frames.
Read on for some cool ways for re-purposing picture frames and using them to craft smart, sophisticated, and unique decor solutions.
It’s time to sharpen your imagination and get crafty, framing nation!
We promise you: there will be NO rainbow glitter.
You don’t need to be an expert gardener or knitter to take on a little DIY project. Grab some glue and get your inner crafter on.
Try out 1 out of our 5 projects to check out how easy it can be to transform a simple frame into something fabulous. Go on, we dare you!
Project #1:  “Tres” Awesome
This is one of our favorites. It’s simple, fast, and sophisticated enough to sit on your coffee table with all of your other fancypants coffee table books and functional enough to use for tea or breakfast. It turns out gorgeous every time and NO-ONE WILL EVER SUSPECT A THING. Your friends will be all like, “Where did you get that tray?” and you’ll respond all casual, “Oh, this? I hand-crafted it on my own.” Of course, you’ll be a big deal then. You’ll be the new Martha Stewart of your group and in no time, you’ll be getting calls to star in your own HGTV show. (okay, we exaggerate a bit on that last part).
  fraytray2      bbt
Project #2. Showcase Your Bling
You know how your jewelry is constantly getting all tangled up and leaving your necklaces nearly impossible to unravel?
Bada-Bing, Bada-Bling. We’ve got a solution for you. A framing solution.
That’s right, you can actually use a picture frame to organize and display your pieces in a fresh way that will add visual interest to your space and actually solve all of your girl problems.  (okay, we exaggerate a bit on that last part).
Project #3: Fly & Dry: The Dry-Erase Board
Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of system where we can quickly jot stuff down without worrying we accidentally scribbled on our tax returns in the process? Well, we’ve got a decorative solution that will help you keep track of those extra notes.
Ever wish there was a more modern version of the dry-erase boards of the past?  Now, there can be.
Because when life hands you picture frames, you build your own dry-erase board. One that looks good and functions well, too.
You’ll basically transform into a superwoman with gold dipped wings.  (okay, we exaggerate a bit on that last part).
Project #4: A Little Puzzled
If you’re a closet nerd like I am, you enjoy a puzzle every now and then.
Geography, Artwork, wild animals, it doesn’t matter… the more pieces in the box, the better.
The downside of completing the puzzle is that it’s been completed and putting the pieces back into the box seems like a letdown after spending the time to create it. We say, don’t dismantle it- Save it! Preserve your work by framing your puzzle. You’ll start a puzzle-making service and make millions in no time. (okay, we exaggerate a bit on that last part).
puzzle1  puzzle3
Project #5: Wild Wall Art
Have an event coming up and you’re stuck on how to wow your guests with some affordable decor? We’ve got just the thing.
Framed succulents. Huh, what’s that? Well. It sounds as creative as it is and you’ll up your game in the 10 minutes it takes to create this. You’ll get flooded with calls from celebrities begging you to plan their soirees.  (okay, we exaggerate a bit on that last part). Check it out.
So there you have it. 5 projects to turn you into a Martha Stewart, party planning, puzzle making GENIUS with gold dipped wings to top it all off.

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