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April 16, 2015

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April 16, 2015

Become a Better Photographer: 10 Tips & Tricks for turning you into a Pro

April 16, 2015
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Photo Tips

“A photographer is just a man with a camera if he doesn’t have inspiration to fuel his work.”

Becoming a better photographer isn’t about carrying around the most expensive equipment or the years of experience under your belt. It’s about practice, practice, practice. We know you’ve heard that one before, but it’s the truth. It’s about taking chances, following sparks of inspiration, and looking out for shadowed figures highlighted by the most perfect lighting. Photography is different for everybody, but it does the same thing for everyone. It allows you to feel, to be inspired, and to explore a side of yourself you might never have known to exist before.

We’ll give you the 10 best (and easiest tips) we can — to ensure that your photos will stand out and make a difference in people’s lives.

1. Take Photos of Really Ugly Stuff

If you can make old coffee cups and trash cans look enticing, you’ve already won half the battle. Practice taking photos of everyday items you come by, even the ones that aren’t so pretty. Be cautious of selecting your background and do so carefully. An all too cluttered backdrop can often distract from your subject matter. On the contrary, in tip #1, we say: Do shoot the backdrop. The stuff that a photographer usually uses to blend into the photograph and to serve as a template- should be just as important. Don’t overlook the mundane. Teach yourself to create snapshots of the stuff that almost never appeals to anybody. …And if you can make that look good– well, you should probably take up photography.

2. Follow the Light

You know that bright, blinding, intense white light at the end of the tunnel? (No, not that one! The other light, people). The right lighting in a photo can turn a completely ordinary looking shot into an incredible moment in time captured on camera. The right light can add layers of magic to your images and allow them to truly come alive. Natural Lighting is the key to adding layers of detail to an image.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Look a Little Strange

Some of the greatest images are taken while jumping up in the air, laying on the sidewalk, or hanging over a set of monkey bars. Don’t be afraid to look a little crazy while trying to create the perfect shot. The angle you shoot from can create the difference between standing next to the Eiffel Tower vs. holding the Tower in the palm of your hand. — added depth

4. Teach Someone else your Tricks

It’s funny how teaching someone else about photography can clarify the hobby for you in your own mind. Passing along your knowledge often solidifies your belief behind your craft. It give you the confidence to take pride in your talent and reminds you of your extensive knowledge in the field.

5. You and Your Camera are in a Relationship

You and your camera are now in a committed relationship. As in any relationship, you must learn all about how your camera works and why it works the way that it does. Your camera probably has a few secrets or a few hidden talents you didn’t even know about. A camera, even an older model, has the power to create beautiful still-life. So, read the manual. Get to know your camera and all of its functions and capabilities . This will also help you when purchasing a new camera in the future. Know what to look for and don’t be too shy to turn to other photographers for assistance.

6. Unique Technique 

When you are deeply immersed in the world of photography and become familiar with other photographers’ work, you learn to differentiate between the styles of work. Learning a new technique that may potentially serve as the signature stamp for your work as an artist, can change the way you shoot forever. Perhaps it’s the brightness in your photos, the layers of added texture, or the specific genre of your work. Pick up a technique and make it your own. Some photographers are called “street artists”, while others insist on only capturing portraits of people or solely focus on product photography. Whatever you choose to create should become a source of pride for you where you can stand behind your work 100%.

7. Shut it Down with Shutter Speed

Photographers often say that shutter speed is the backbone for good photography. The speed at which you capture a shot can make all the difference in the way a photo turns it. The effects vary by speed. You can create movement and light. You can create dimension and life. When shooting during nighttime hours, adding a tripod to the mix and setting your shutter speed to about 4 seconds enhances the image tremendously taking it from average to AMAZING in a matter of seconds.

8. Never Trash Old Photos

You know how people like to tell you that you can learn from your mistakes, even after an epic failure? We say the same thing about old photographs. Try best not to delete any photos you’ve taken and try not to toss those photos you’ve wanted to delete. This will help you become a better photographer. Trust us. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve grown in your field and how much you can learn about yourself by leafing through old prints. You will begin to spot trends for what you like to shoot and take note of your specific methodology for how you choose to capture a moment.

9. Motivation & Inspiration 

A photographer is just a man with a camera if he doesn’t have inspiration to fuel his work. Watching documentaries, gaining tips from other photographers through blogs and newsletters can give you the boost you need to get snapping. Make a list of images you’d like to shoot and jot down pointers and ideas, so that you won’t forget them when you’re searching for some extra motivation.

10. Never Leave Home without your Camera 

You never know when you might get that zing. You know, that zing that makes you want to pull out your camera and start taking some pictures. So, do always carry your camera with you. You’ll be happy you did. When that zing comes, you want to hold onto it and capture it!

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