How to Feature Art in Your Home

April 23, 2015


April 23, 2015

Chic for Cheap: DIY STYLE

April 23, 2015

Artwork is the foreground for setting up an inviting space and making it your own.

Artwork is the foreground for setting up an inviting space and making it your own.

Yet, creating your own artwork can often take up loads of time and tremendous effort, while purchasing art can get pricey pretty quickly.

No worries! We’ve got your solution.

You’ll be surprised to know that everyday items can make for gorgeous works of art— at an affordable price ya’ll will love. Thank us later.

We except all sorts of baked bribery.

At ATF, we’re all about creating unique and beautiful art without breaking the bank. We like to call it our ‘chic for cheap’ spin on high-end pieces. In other words, we’ll show you how to recreate the really expensive looking artwork for WAY less.

… And don’t forget to smock up you guys, we’re about to get crafty up in here!


The Metallic Masterpiece


What you’ll Need:

1 frame+ 1 mat (

1 can of metallic silver spray paint

1 can of flat white spray paint

White printer paper

1 white poster board (thicker grade) (refer to opening size to fit inside your mat)

Jumbo sequins

Hot glue

White ribbon

Pair of scissors




Start by laying down a plastic tablecloth in your outdoor space. Separate the frame from the mat and lay out your other items. Spray-paint the frame silver. Spray-paint the mat white. While those are dying, begin sketching a herringbone pattern on your printer paper using your pencil and your ruler to create even lines. Start cutting out your sections of your drawn in pattern, until you’ve worked your way down the entire sheet. Gather your design items: the paper, sequins, ribbon, and the glue. Using your  hot glue, begin applying your sequins to your white poster board from the bottom up- pausing in between each row to cover the edges using your cut out pieces. Work your way to the top, until you have even rows of sequins and paper. Separate the rows using thin ribbon with silver edges to give your piece that finished look.

Once the project has been completed, step back and admire your handiwork. Feel good about yourself. Think about who you can call to show off to. Say to yourself: Yes. Yes it’s true, I’m an artistic genius.

You can totally start your own blog now. We’ll follow you just because your so darn talented.


Message on a Painting
What you’ll Need:
1 piece of white mounted canvas (any size)
1 paint sample jar in a bold hue
1 black sharpie
1 package of kitchen sponges
Pair of scissors
1 large bowl/ plate
Start by laying down a plastic tablecloth in your outdoor space. Lay your supplies in different sections. Pour a substantial amount of your paint into your bowl or plate. Next, open your package of sponges and using your sharpie, draw in (bubble-letters works) any word you’d like to use, drawing a different letter on each sponge. (The shorter the word the better). Once you’ve cut out your letters, begin dipping them (one at a time) into your darker paint. Now go ahead and start stamping your letters onto your piece of white canvas. Continue to dip and stamp your letters onto your canvas into one or more sections of your choice.
Once your finished with your masterpiece, stand back and bask in the artistic glory. Your fine work of art looks better than good. In fact, it looks like your new name might be Picasso.
Circle Punchy Wall Art (if the kids can do this, so can you)
What you’ll Need:
1 Frame + 1 mat (
1 large strong poster board (refer to opening size to fit inside your mat)
Sheets of fancy fine textured paper in  multiple patterns (
OR pages pulled out of some old magazines
Hole puncher (one that can create larger circles to 1 1/4 inch) (any size is okay)
Elmer’s glue stick
Start by laying out a plastic tablecloth over a tabletop. Separate the frame from the mat. On your poster board, using your ruler and pencil, draw in tiny dots as a base point so you’ll know where to glue your dots later on. We recommend doing so 1 3/4 between each of them as this tends to look cleaner and more streamlined standing at a distance. (Map your distance between each circle based on the size you’ll be punching them into). Once dots have been drawn, use your hole puncher to create your textured circles. Cut out enough to cover all the dots you’ve drawn onto your poster board. Now using your glue stick, paste each dot directly over each penciled circle.
Hard to believe just how easy it is to create such a fine looking work of art, ay? You can totally feel smug about this once completed. We encourage smugness.
(To Note: The following image and post are based from the Mer Mag blog).







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