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May 19, 2015


May 19, 2015


May 19, 2015

Loving fun fatherGrandfather and grandson are fishing

This Father’s Day, we’re all about the stories behind the great men we call Dad.

The moments that we’ve always held onto to remind us how important it is to celebrate the dads in our lives.

This year, we’re sharing our Favorite Dad Moments and remembering to be thankful.

We’re giving a grand shout-out to our dads: for their pep talks, the good ol’ dad jokes and for supporting us from the sidelines when we needed it most.

In many ways, dads are often part of the framework for building and shaping our lives.

At Art To Frames, we’re a family-owned business that values tradition. Our skilled team at ArtToFrames is made up of dedicated members who put their heart and soul into every handcrafted piece created.  We have a wonderful team with many great dads on board.

So this year, we thought it apropos to ask our customers to share your favorite moments with us. We’re looking forward to learning about your dads and checking out your photos.  Stories can be entered for the chance to win a $100 coupon. (Click Here to enter)!

One of our loyal customers shared two of his favorite memories with us. Check out on of his favorite memories he shared with us about his dad.


Share your moment with us by submitting your dad story! Click Here to enter.



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