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April 22, 2015

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April 22, 2015

How to Feature Art in Your Home

April 22, 2015
Say I do

10 Ways to Showcase Art in Your Home

Need some ideas when it comes to hanging your artwork? Look no further! We’ve got your Guide right here.

1. Choose Decor Staring with your Art

Allow your artwork to serve as the focal point for creating a truly special space that centers from the piece itself. Pull inspiration from the different splashes of color in your artwork and use that inspiration for selecting furniture for your space. This will truly allow your art to shine all on its own, while providing an artistic accent to perfectly compliment the rest of your decor.


2. Choosing Edgy Artwork Heightens Sophistication

Softer, bulkier furniture is always the most comfortable sort, yet not always the most appealing or attractive looking piece in a living room. Choosing edgy abstract art as a contract to the classic shapes can turn a space from drab to fab with a piece of spectacular artwork, featuring striking colors and modern design.


3. Artwork can Relax a Space

It’s true. The lighter tones and slow brushstrokes in a painting can provide calm and relaxation. Artwork should match the tone of the space where it hangs. In a bedroom. sticking to a palette where paler colors lightly brush across the painting can achieve a quiet and cozy retreat to escape to. While, in an active space, such as a dining room, inkier and brighter hues can add that bold statement piece to draw people in with subtle elegance, softer strokes and charming imagery.



4. Subtle Sophistication

Beige and boring is never a good thing, you guys. Transform your living room into the sort of space people actually want to spend time in. Selecting a bold color and meshing it with timeless furniture and classic design creates that luxurious subtle sophistication that will make you feel like you should be spending your weekends reading french literature and visiting art galleries.


5. Black & White= Bold & Wow

Sticking to a black and white palette in a space instantly adds that sleek and polished decor you’ve always wanted but never understood how to achieve. It’s simple: Bold black and stark white work seamlessly together to create a high-end space you’ll want to show off.


6. Go BIG for a BIG Statement

Large scale painting impress. You know how they say, go big or go home? Well, we say- go home to go big! Blow up your artwork and hang it in the most open area of your home. Enlarging the work will add an eye-catching feature your guests won’t be able to look away from and won’t forget.


7. Textured Art adds Warmth

Art can add warmth to a space for that “cozy factor” you want to create in your den or family room. The more depth and texture your artwork presents, the more you’ll want to curl up with a good book.


8. Separate Different Areas with Similar Imagery 

If you live in a smaller apartment or home, it can be tough to separate different areas to each serve its own purpose. Hanging a variety of similar imagery in each space actually helps visitors to understand the separation between each spot.


9. Stick to One Color Palette When Hanging Multiples

In an office, it can be hard to figure out what to hang on your walls. Sticking to one color palette in different tones can create a uniformed and professional looking space, no doubt apropos for creating a unique office environment to inspire you to do your best.


10. Hang Art in Unexpected Places

 There are no rules when it comes to art. There are also no rules about where you choose to hang your art in your home. Whether it’s the powder room just above that shelf or at the top of your staircase, art is appreciated wherever its displayed…even in those spaces you never quite imagined before.

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