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March 1, 2015

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March 1, 2015

New Product Spotlight: PinPix Canvas Bulletin Board

March 1, 2015
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PinPix 3

Our brand new PinPix Canvas Bulletin Boards are unlike any other product out there on the market today and will change the way you think about the tired old corkboards for good! A once popular kitchen essential cluttered with handwritten recipes and newspaper clippings, the corkboard is now often thought of as an outdated home fixture. However, our PinPix boards possess advanced innovation and cutting edge design resulting in a compelling statement you’ll want to display in any space!

American Flag PinPix board:

PinPix 4

PinPix by ArtToFrames are patent-pending canvas bulletin boards created with self-healing technology that prevents any wear and tear when pricked. We’ve tossed the cork and substituted it for quality canvas. Not only does our treated canvas look far superior due to it’s self-healing qualities you can pin it again and again without affecting the quality of your board! Hallmarked for its unparalleled durability, this unique bulletin board is bound to make a functional and exciting addition to your home décor!

Psychedelic PinPix board:

PinPix 1

Simply head to ArtToFrames.com, upload your own image or choose one of our gorgeous template designs. Select the size of your board and customize the color and style of your frame. Our team of experts makes each custom PinPix board to order right here in Brooklyn, New York. Once you’ve processed your order your PinPix bulletin board will be on your doorstep in a matter of days!

Life Is Good PinPix Board:

PinPix 3

Your gorgeous PinPix canvas board will arrive at your door ready to hang with 30 complimentary push pins. Once you’ve located the optimum place within your home to display your canvas, simply take a couple seconds to hang and get ready to test out your board. Take one of the 30 complimentary pins and prick the canvas to display a recipe, note or clipping. Remove the pin and you’ll notice a tiny hole in your canvas board. Within the space of 48 hours this hole will automatically repair itself due to the self-healing technology of the PinPix canvas board, meaning you can use the board again and again, yet your PinPix board will continue to repair itself and retain it’s pristine appearance and quality! That’s literally hundreds of post-it notes, awards and photographs!

Child’s Nursery PinPix Board:

PinPix 5

Archaic cork boards shredded and littered with holes are now history! And remember those dull images preset into the cork, once merely limited to sunflowers resting in a vase or a basket filled with fruit? Our PinPix boards showcase cutting-edge designs anyone would be proud to display in their home. And even though you may fall in love with the high quality canvas image on your PinPix board, the appearance will remain totally unblemished despite several uses; just moments after removing your pin, it’s back to it’s original pristine state! Any size, customized and designed to suit your style specifications; your PinPix order will arrive ready to hang.

Fractal PinPix Board:

PinPix 2

Keep track of important dates, events and memories around the home with a PinPix canvas bulletin board: a thoroughly futuristic and innovative take on a long-forgotten household staple. With PinPix we’re using cutting edge design to revamp a kitchen classic – one pin at a time!

Stones On Water PinPix Board:

PinPix 6

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