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June 30, 2015

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June 30, 2015

Sheila Atchley Designs – Passion For Words & Art

June 30, 2015
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Sheila Atchley is many things. Preacher’s wife, artist, certified life coach, speaker, blogger, mother, grandmother and loyal Art To Frames customer to name a few.

Sheila creates amazing mixed media art and showcases her work at Sheila Atchley Designs. We spoke to her about inspiration, the creative process and how she brings her artwork to life.

What circumstances led you to becoming interested in mixed media art?

I turned to art, only about three years ago! I used mixed media art as a way of processing some major transitions in my life – also as a way of meditating on certain truths I found in the Bible – since I am also a pastor’s wife.

“Mother and Son” by Sheila Atchley. Available for purchase here:

“Mother and Son” by Sheila Atchley. Available for purchase here:

What is your creative process?

Words are my passion and my art form. That is one reason why I can’t get away from mixed media. It is just about the only painterly style that lends itself to throwing words anywhere on the canvas that you want to throw them. So I am inspired by words. I am inspired by the lives of women. I am inspired also visually.

So I will often take an image I see in a magazine, or I will mull over an event in the life of a friend of mine, and create images on canvas that reflect those emotions. I often begin with a base of vintage or antique book pages – I take throw-away books and give them a new life.

“She Knew {...Quiet Confidence...}” by Sheila Atchley in progress.

“She Knew {…Quiet Confidence…}” by Sheila Atchley in progress.

I then will paint over that with a mix of acrylics, oil pastel, pan pastel, and charcoal…and of course, an old-school pen dipped in India ink for the words.

On your website you showcase many examples of your mixed media originals and fine art prints. What is your approach in terms of bringing raw digital images to life with custom prints and frames?

It goes all the way back to the painting process. I have to give careful consideration to the placement of my images and the size of my canvases. I have to pull everything in from the edges, to give room to digitally crop.

“She Knew {...Quiet Confidence...}” by Sheila Atchley

“She Knew {…Quiet Confidence…}” by Sheila Atchley

What type of professional relationship do you have with Art To Frames?

I discovered Art To Frames about a year ago. I have ordered several framed prints and canvases that feature my art. So far, every single design has sold, both in shows and online. I have never had a complaint from any of my clients as to the quality. And the fact that you often offer me, the artist, generous discounts through your emails – it just helps my bottom line as an artist – it helps so much. And I thank Art To Frames for that.

Canvas Wraps by Art To Frames

Canvas Wraps by Art To Frames

Can you tell us about any stand-out moments where Art To Frames exceeded your expectations?

Oh goodness, yes. That first time I opened the shipping box – and saw how carefully packaged my precious designs were. Then, to see what used to be an original (that had sold) now gorgeously reproduced onto canvas – to know that I can continue to earn an income from that first original piece…that was an amazing feeling.

Canvas Wraps by Art To Frames

Canvas Wraps by Art To Frames

All of the above pieces (except the small ones – they are originals) are from Art To Frames, and are hanging on my own gallery wall in my dining room. My home was featured, back in April of this year, on the major design blog – I was so proud to be able to feature these canvases in the photos there.

In your opinion what makes Art To Frames unique?

The fact that you offer percentage discount coupon codes to your customers on a pretty regular basis. I don’t think there is an artist alive that would turn down the quality of Art To Frames, and with discounts that help our bottom line…the decision to go with your company is a no-brainer for me.

“Soon” by Sheila Atchley. Available for purchase here:

“Soon” by Sheila Atchley. Available for purchase here:

What does the future hold for Sheila Atchley Designs?

I have a dream of creating online classes that blend art with ministry to women. I also dream of licensing my “In The Middle” art images – my “In The Middle” series celebrates the beauty of the middle age woman. Middle age is a season of life that deserves to be profoundly respected and celebrated. I want to unleash an army of women who celebrate for “No Real Reason”…an army of women who throw parties for the simple fact that they have come this far. Yeah. I want my art to inspire just that.

sheila atchley design

If you’re interested in finding out more about Sheila and her work please head to and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest!

And be sure to head to for all your printing and framing needs!


  1. What a great way to preserve and keep producing beautiful works! I didn’t realize this could be done. I love your passion and your work shared here, Sheila! Very unique and inspiring!

    1. Megan, Thank you for reading! We’re glad to pass along the inspiration! : ) Please feel free to share this post on Facebook and tag us – Like our page and like this article there! Best Regards!

  2. LOVE this artist! SO glad you featured Sheial Atchley as she is so inspirational not only as an artist producing such beautiful meaningful works, but as a person. Just a huge blassing to many!

    1. Lynn, we’re so glad to share this with our readers – Sheila is really an inspiration, playing so many roles and so talented, too! Please share this with others on Facebook and like our page and post about Sheila there, too! Tag us @ArtToFrames

  3. I have known Sheila via the internet for over 15 years. Her art is so much a part of who she is – honest and loving. Thank you for featuring Sheila and her art!

    1. Thanks Scott! That’s so wonderful to hear. We think she’s really inspirational! Please do share on Facebook and tag us @ArtToFrames! Best Regards!

    1. Jo Anne,

      We couldn’t agree more! She’s a true inspiration wearing so many different hats on the daily! We’re so please to have the opportunity to feature her and are looking forward to featuring more like Sheila! Please like her feature posted on our Facebook page! It would be a lot to us!

  4. I adore Sheila and her work is a great reflection of her spirit. She has introduced me to your business (Nice to meet you!) and been such an encouragement to me. Thank you for featuring her!

  5. Sheila is amazing.. I adore her work!!!!! I enjoy her spirit and beauty! Just fantastic! Thank you so much for featuring Sheila’s work and her on your sight! OUTSTANDING! :) xo

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