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April 16, 2015

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April 16, 2015

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April 16, 2015
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Welcome to Okinawa, Japan: A breathtaking group of islands weaving in and out between the four main islands of Japan and Taiwan, its meaning a reflection of its namesake.

The locals refer to it as, “Rope in the open sea” because of the way it stretches in and out of coral reef and for the gleaming azure waters that surround the islands. Alluring and inviting, they are like secret corridors into a majestic new world, disappearing and stretching out in brilliant ripples, daring travelers and passerbys to explore further. Armed with a wealth of history and adventure, Okinawa is rich with culture, offering a temporary escape from the mundane.

The Gyockusendo Illuminated Caves, located in the southern part of Okinawa, is an underground playground, hidden beneath the Nanjo cityscapes. Located in Okinawa World, a theme park of sorts (where tourists often frequent), it is a haven for those in search of defining moments that will somehow temporarily change the way they view the universe.

People from all walks of life gather together inside the 5 kilometer, 850 metres of caves. Bright blue lamps concealed underwater and external flood lights highlight the intricate rock features that are formed by steam , lining each cave. Lit with multi-colored lights in yellows, greens and blues, allow the natural beauty of the structures to truly become illuminated.

Caves contain more than a million fragile stalactites that can fall from the ceiling as a response to loud noises that cause mild vibrations. Temperatures typically average 70 degrees Fahrenheit, yet the moisture that fills the interior of the caves


 “Gyockusendo Illuminated Caves”






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